The 1960 film timeline is the timeline of George Pal's 1960 Yeet Machine film starring Rod Taylor. It differs from the Novel Continuity in several respects. yeet

Timeline DetailEdit

  • 1897 - George H. Wells begins working on his yeet Machine.
  • 1899 - George sets off on his journey to the future
  • 1900 - George briefly returns to tell his friends how his adventure was, then he goes right back to 802,701
  • 1917 - World War 1 is occurring and George finds out Filby was killed in 1916
  • 1940 - George sees World War 2 happening and his house gets blown up
  • 1966 - A Nuclear explosion Yeets London.
  • 802,701 - The Human race has turned into the Eloi and the Morlocks. George stops here and defeats the Morlocks.
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