The 33rd Century, in the primary timeline, had already begun to separate into communities living in cities such as Lonn aboveground, the predecessors of the Eloi, and cities below, where the forerunners of the Morlock race lived. ("Beyond the Time Machine")


Due to a series of horrendous wars and struggles over the years, humanity had not advanced significantly over the eons. While their technology was slowly moving forward, they had yet to master space travel beyond Earth's solar system.

In this era, a giant toxic lake fills a crater in the middle of North America, now referred to as NorthAmer. In most places, laws have become stricter and more unreasonable than they were in previous eras.

The Time Traveler and Weena settled down in this era, having several children, including Narra Morris, Belinda Morris, and Tala Morris. Time Traveler Two would later visit them in this era for an extended stay. ("Beyond the Time Machine")

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