Allan and the Sundered Veil is a short story by Alan Moore, that is a part of the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen series. It features The Time Traveler and the Morlocks, as well as the normal cast of the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.


The Time Traveler goes back through time aboard The Time Machine and takes some members of the League to the future world of Eloi and Morlocks and they land before the Morlock Sphinx. The Time Traveler explains that a hole has been ripped in space and time. They are attacked by Morlocks, who are revealed to be the same as the Mi-Go of the Cthulhu universe.

The Time Machine takes off, but a Morlock clings to it, damaging the machine. It is drawn towards a Chrono-Crystal Aleph, and all the crew begin to see images of things in the past, including Mr. Hyde's memory of destroying a Tripod Fighting-Machine.

Randolph and John soon disappear to their visions upon realizing that they are not bound to their realm, leaving only Quatermain to help the Time Traveler against their enemy. However, Quatermain becomes possessed by Ithaqua and returns to his realm. He kills Lady Ragnall before her African servant, Marisa, is able to free Quatermain using her tribe's precautions against the Great Old Ones. Appalled, Marisa flees the burning manor, taking the taduki with her.

Despondent at the loss of his friend and his drug, Quatermain spends the next few years drifting, eventually ending in Cairo. The story ends with him looking up from his drugged stupor into Mina Murray's face as he is unwillingly—but fatefully—recruited into the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.




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