Amelia Fitzgibbon was a "lady commercial", or salesperson, from Surrey, in 1893. She was the adoptive ward of Sir William Reynolds, following the death of her parents.

Like Turnbull and Dykes, she was hired as a commercial representative. She also stayed at the Devonshire Arms hotel. She was in the employ of Sir William Reynolds, an inventor. While staying at the hotel, Mrs. Anson, the hotel proprietor, took Fitzgibbon under her wing and acted as her mentor. She was also quite protective. Nevertheless, she was able to meet Edward Turnbull there and the two began a tentative romance.

When she invited him to visit her at home, the two were able to have a date, which culminated in their testing of The Time Machine. The machine took them some ten years into the future, where they witnessed the Martian invasion, as well as Amelia's death in that war. The machine then deposited them on Mars and vanished.

The two struggled to survive on Mars, finding a nearby city and easily fitting in with the depressed humanoid martian populace. However, Amelia was injured during an attack upon the city and was separated from Turnbull. On her own, she found a community of slaves, and, once she learned their language, she became a savior to them, leading them to plot rebellion against their nonhuman masters. When Edward Turnbull found that colony, Amelia also introduced him to the people as another savior. Amelia persuaded her people to help the two of them return to Earth to stop the Martian invasion there, and so they were smuggled on one of the invading ships headed for Earth.

Once they arrived, they found they had no time to warn the authorities of an invasion, so they simply tried to survive. In their travels they met H.G. Wells, and with him, returned to William Reynolds' lab. Taking refuge there, the three of them constructed The Space Machine out of the remaining Plattnerite in the lab and other materials. They used this to attack Martian craft across the countryside. Before they could repel the invaders, however, Earth germs killed all the Martians. Amelia was left to plan her marriage with Edward. ("The Space Machine")

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