Belinda Morris, also known as Bee-Een-Da (english: "Little Friend") in the Eloi Language, and Binda or Bindy for short, is a half-Human, half-Eloi girl living in the 33rd Century. She's the daughter of The Time Traveler (aka Denton Morris) and Weena. She has trouble fitting in to society, being part Eloi. ("Beyond the Time Machine")


Belinda was the subject to frequent tauntings and torturings in school, as the children could tell she was notably different from the others but weren't aware of her nature as the daughter of a time traveler and an Eloi.

When Time Traveler Two was brought into the future to help the family, Binda took a quick liking to him and the two went on a series of outings through 33rd century Lonn, to help him get his bearings. On one such outing, she committed a theft by using a stylus to reduce the price of an object she was purchasing, following the store's ripping her off of her money. Following the incident, she faced legal repurcussions and went into a depression at home. ("Beyond the Time Machine")


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