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Beyond the Time Machine
Beyond the time machien.jpg
Full Title Beyond the Time machine
Author Burt Libe
Time Traveler Time Traveler Two
Companion(s) Narra Morris
Belinda Morris

Beyond the Time Machine is a self-published sequel to The Time Machine by Burt Libe. It tells of a second time traveler who traveled forward through time to meet the first, as well as his family and the future world in which he lives. The novel also spawned another sequel, Tangles in Time.


Time Traveler Two is a man living during the 1980s who is chosen by The Time Traveler to perform a mission for him. Narra Morris, the Time Traveler's daughter, picks him up in The Time Machine and brings him to Lonn in the year 3204, where the Time Traveler, known as Denton Morris, has settled down with Weena. The machine breaks down and he's forced to stay, getting involved in the hassles of a new era while getting to know Morris' family.

Once the machine is repaired, he must escort Narra back to Mor, the world of the Eloi and the Morlocks. But that world will not be what's expected either. He will meet a third race as well.



Animal Species[]

  • Bex


Time Travelers[]



Time Machines[]





  • The story contradicts some of the accounts of the future from the original novel, often citing the Time Traveler's 19th-century arrogance as cause for his misinterpretations of the future.
  • Despite ostensibly being set in the same continuity as the original novel, this story does make a few references to the Eloi marching into the White Sphinx to their doom, a clear reference to the events of the 1960 film. However, it's implied these events never would have really happened with the Eloi as shown in this story.