Time Traveler
Edward Turnbull
Edward Turnbull

Turnbull, on Mars.

Name Edward Turnbull
Species Human
Gender Male
Era of Origin 1890s
Time Machine The Time Machine
The Space Machine
Appearances The Space Machine

Edward Turnbull was a time and space traveler, along with Amelia Fitzgibbon, aboard The Time Machine. He was famous for using the machine to travel in space as well as time, and visiting the planet Mars.


He was a 23-year old man employed in 1893 by Josiah Westerman & Sons, Purveyors of Leather Fancy Goods in Yorkshire. He was staying at the Devonshire Arms hotel during that time along with other salesmen.

He had developed, with the approval of his boss, a line of Visibility Protection Masks, for use while driving Horseless Carriages. Turnbull was an enthusiast of science and technology and hoped to be involved in progress in his own small way. He hoped to sell such a mask to Sir William Reynolds, a famous scientist, so that his line might take off.

He introduced himself to Amelia Fitzgibbon while she was staying at the hotel, and the two became romantically interested in each other, leading Turnbull to be invited to meet Sir William Reynolds, who was developing a time machine. When Amelia showed Turnbull the machine, the two experimented with it, taking them to the year 1903, where he witnessed the future Amelia's death. In his desperation, he struck the machine, which then sent them through space, rather than time. The two landed on Mars.

The two lived in Desolation City on Mars for a time, which was home to a miserable race of Humanoid Martians. The Martians were enslaved by a nonhumanoid Martian race, and were constantly at war with other cities.

In the warfare, Turnbull was separated from Amelia. He found his way onto a Martian airship, where he learned that the Martians drink Human blood for sustenance. Once he disembarked, he climbed aboard one of the Tripod platforms he had seen around, only to discover that it was capable of motion. He witnessed a massive battle of the tripods before getting inside the one he was clinging to and killing its pilot. He then met up with a group of slaves who had met with Amelia and been inspired by her to begin planning a revolt.

The slaves helped them enter another city, where the two found their way aboard a spacecraft headed for Earth. Once back on Earth, they met up with H.G. Wells, a friend of Reynolds', who helped them build The Space Machine to combat the Martians. After this proved somewhat successful, the Martians were defeated by the bacteria already present on the Earth. Wells left to find his wife, and Turnbull and Amelia remained in London. ("The Space Machine")
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