Edwin Hocker is the name of one of The Time Traveler's friends who heard his initial narrative of his trip to the future aboard The Time Machine. Although Hocker was a quiet, shy man with a beard in the group, he would go on to be instrumental in preventing the invasion of Earth by Morlocks, along with his companion Tafe.


Hocker was first seen attending The Time Traveler's dinner, whereupon he related his story of his adventures in futurity. Quiet and shy, Hocker rarely opened his mouth. ("The Time Machine: An Invention")

Shortly after that meeting, Hocker met a strange man who showed him a possible near-future timeline in which England was overrun with Morlocks. In that timeline, Hocker met Tafe and returned with her to the present. There, they began a quest to prevent the Morlock invasion by locating King Arthur. ("Morlock Night")

Hocker is a reincarnated form of King Arthur. This fact was revealed at the end of his quest to find Arthur to ask his help in stopping the Morlocks. Shortly thereafter, he was killed. ("Morlock Night")

Behind the ScenesEdit

In the original Time Machine novel, the narrator mentions in passing a member of the group who was shy and quiet, and didn't speak much. This character was named and expounded upon in Morlock Night.


Guests at The Time Traveler's two important dinner parties
In which he explained the theories of time travel and demonstrated, and told the story of his adventures in futurity
First Dinner FilbyMedical ManThe WriterProvincial MayorVery Young Man
Second Dinner The WriterMedical ManFilbyEditorJournalistQuiet Man
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