Dalmation Eloi

Some Eloi with the Time Traveler, in one of their domes.

Eloi Dome

An Eloi dome, one of a series of structures that the Eloi inhabit.

The Eloi are one of two posthuman races existing in Mor, the year 802,701 AD. They live aboveground, and are the main food source for the Morlocks.


The Eloi are a bright, happy people, who speak a simple language and are mainly interested in playfulness. They often play with flowers and other amusing items. Physically, they are shorter than humans, and weaker. ("The Time Machine: An Invention")

Additionally, they have a form of telepathy. Weena was able to sense The Time Traveler's presence in her mind, and became aware of strong, clearly-imagined thoughts of his. ("The Time Machine: A Sequel")

In Other Continuities

The Time Machine (1960 film)

The Eloi in the 1960 movie adaption like dancing and playing in the sun. They also enjoy making constructions with flowers. They have an intense, but almost subconscious, fear of Morlocks and of the dark.

They are fed, clothed, and otherwise cared for by the Morlocks.

The Time machine (2002 film)

In the 2002 movie adaptation of The Time Machine, the Eloi are depicted as identical to modern humans with a hunter-gatherer lifestyle, they have light brown skin and black hair. The apper to shave there heads and tatoo there upper body with tribal paderns, the woman let there hair grow or brad it, possibly this is part of there culture. The former movie version depicts the Eloi speaking modern-day English, a fact which contradicts the original novel and the logical timeline of language evolution. In the latter film version, the Eloi maintain the English language as merely a tradition handed down through generation and intellectual exercise, simulure to modern latin or sandscript, calling it "the stone language or De Lex," as they know of it only from surviving stone tablet inscriptions from our time.

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