Filby was an argumentative psychologist with red hair, living in the 1890s. He was one of the group of friends that The Time Traveler discussed his ideas regarding time travel with. ("The Time Machine: An Invention")

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2002 FilmEdit

In this continuity, James Filby is a friend of Alexander Hartdegen, the Time Traveler. He's cynical about Hartdegen's enthusiasm for science and technology, worrying that some day, humanity might "go too far". Hartdegen did not take this seriously, however. ("2002 Film")

Trapped in TimeEdit

Main Article: Filby Young

This version of Filby was the assistant of Dr. George Einwin, who killed himself. Filby then took the Time Machine and became a time traveler himself, eventually finding the Time Keys and unraveling the mystery of Einwin's suicide. ("The Time Machine: Trapped in Time")


Guests at The Time Traveler's two important dinner parties
In which he explained the theories of time travel and demonstrated, and told the story of his adventures in futurity
First Dinner FilbyMedical ManThe WriterProvincial MayorVery Young Man
Second Dinner The WriterMedical ManFilbyEditorJournalistQuiet Man
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