Time Traveler 1960

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This article or section covers a subject that is part of the 1960 Film Continuity and should not be considered part of the Novel Continuity or any other.

This article is about a version of The Time Traveler from the 1960 film. For the character in general, see The Time Traveler

An inventor named George has invented The Time Machine, and uses it to travel to the far future. He witnesses his world grow and change, only to be consumed by war. Finally, he arrives at an idyllic time in the year 802,701 AD, inhabited by a posthuman race known as the Eloi. He later discovers that they're controlled by the evil Morlocks. ("The Time Machine")

Many years later, he returns to his own time, to visit his friend Filby. He discusses the future world he was able to create. ("Time Machine: The Journey Back")


  • Although his only name is given as George, it is refereced as both an achknowledgement to George Pal and H.G.Wells-Herbert George Wells-creator of the original novel the film is based upon.
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