Grach was a Morlock male time traveling soldier who took part in the invasion of the far future, launched some three years after The Time Traveler's departure in 802,701. ("On the Surface")


Grach was among the Morlocks who fought The Time Traveler for Weena in 802,701, leading to a forest fire. He was unsuccessful in taking Weena that time. ("The Time Machine: An Invention", "On the Surface")

Three years later, he was one of the 120 adult Morlocks who, having built a fleet of duplicate Time Machines, traveled forward in time, some million years into the future. He took part in the invasion there, brutally killing several of the Crab monsters who lived there. Then, he returned to his own time, taking part in the slaughter of the Eloi. When he returned to the far future, he saw that the Butterfly creatures no longer existed. ("On the Surface")

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