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The "grey men" were a race of humanoids that originally appeared in the Time Machine, but were later omitted from the text. They're much like kangaroos in terms of their appearance.


The grey men, so named because of their color, were found by the Time Traveler immediately when he went further into the future after escaping the Morlocks. Seeing them, he decided to examine them at curiosity, therefore using a stone to kill one. After doing so, the traveler discovered its numerous humanoid characteristics. However, a monstrous Centipede came by, forcing the Time traveler to withdraw to the time machine, go forward one day, and return to his victims corpse. However, the centipede ate it, prompting the traveler to make unsuccessful attempts to kill another Grey Man. Eventually he gives up and speeds further into the future. (The Time Machine: An Invention, The Grey Man)

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