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The Humanoid Martians appear to be either a subspecies of humanity, or a humanoid alien species, bearing much in common with humans. They coexist with nonhumanoid Martians on the planet Mars. ("The Space Machine")


The Martians appear roughly human, although they have a reddish skin tone and pale eyes. They almost uniformly have dark brown or black hair. The females are plainer than human females, not depending on "physical charm" according to Turnbull. However, they are still smaller than males. ("The Space Machine")

This contradicts other War of the Worlds stories, in which the martians are depicted as nonhumanoid aliens.


In ancient times, the Humanoid Martians were the masters of Mars. However, they discovered the planet's atmosphere was thinning. As a result, they created the nonhumanoid Martian race, to help solve the problem. Their creations took over the planet in order to accomplish their task and began using the humans as food and slaves.

The Humanoids began to consider their liberation when Amelia Fitzgibbon arrived, coinciding with their folklore tales of a savior. They began the revolt when the nonhumanoids began their invasion of Earth. ("The Space Machine")

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