This article refers to anatomically modern humans.

Humans are a race that existed on planet Earth. In most timelines, this particular species died out, either biologically evolving into other species or being replaced by technological beings.

In various timelines, a great many species descended from humans in one way or another, including Eloi, Morlocks, Morloi, Watchers, Universal Constructors, and many more. Human hands in particular are considered significant, and The Time Traveler figuratively described the spread of humanity as the influence of human hands, reaching into the universe. ("The Time Ships", "Beyond the Time Machine", etc.)


Neanderthals are sometimes considered a sub-species of humanity, and many recreated Neanderthals live in the year 657,209 alongside other Human species in the Sphere. ("The Time Ships")

The Humanoid Martians are likely to be a sub-species, though it is unknown if they share a common descent or are biologically compatible. ("The Space Machine")

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