Ktram, or Hk'Turm, known to the Eloi as The Caring One, was a half-Morloi, half-Eloi woman living in Mor. Her father was a Morloi dissident who escaped to the surface, hunted by the corrupt regime. She and her brother, Hrage, were born to an Eloi mother. ("Beyond the Time Machine")


Ktram and her brother grew up with the Morloi, but their family was executed under one of the brutal dictatorships that overtook her people. The execution involved tossing the family into a scathingly hot floe. While the parents were killed instantly, Ktram and Hrage were able to survive by riding the dead bodies of their parents to safety. However, both were scarred for life, sustaining massive physical damage from the experience. Ktram lost the use of one of her arms and took to wandering the countryside in a cloak.

She cared for the Eloi, giving them guidance and motherly affection. Therefore they dubbed her The Caring One, as she's come to be known. She was especially fond of Weena, and was confused at her disappearance when she left for the past with The Time Traveler.

When Time Traveler Two and Narra Morris arrived into Mor, Ktram observed them with caution, especially Time Traveler Two. Fearing she was a Morlock, he shot her with one of the weapons he'd brought along from 3204. Immediately regretting his action, he used 33rd Century medicine to cure her, which also repaired the damage to her body from years ago. Thankful, the two became friends, and explored the landscape together. They then began a romantic relationship. Rodey the Bex also took to her quickly, replacing Time Traveler Two with her as the primary object of his affections. ("Beyond the Time Machine")

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