Lara Myers was a fourteen-year-old Scottish girl who stole the Time Machine Quicksilver from her scientist friend, Andrew McDonald. She thus became a time traveler. ("The Wee Time Traveler")


As a little girl, Lara was disturbed by the separation and divorce of her parents. At the age of 14, on her way to school, her friend Andy McDonald called for her to come see his newest invention -- the Quicksilver Time Machine. Once he'd convinced her it was a working time machine, she asked him to take her along for his adventures. When he refused, she clubbed him over the head with her hockey stick and disappeared into the past aboard Quicksilver -- to find out what had caused her parents' separation. There, she saw her mother and a younger version of herself, who she called The Squirt, witness her father making out with another woman. When Lara tries to return to her own time, she finds that Quicksilver has been taken and that she needs to recover it. Unfortunately, it's been taken into her father's lab, and her younger self jumps atop it. Lara jumps aboard too, just before the Squirt sends them 20,000 years into the future. ("The Wee Time Traveler")

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