London 2100

London, circa 2100.

London, also known as Lonn by the year 3204, was a city in the north of England built on the Thames river. The Time Traveler lived outside the city before he departed from the future. Much later, after rescuing Weena from her demise in Mor, the two settled down in Lonn of 3204. ("The Time Machine", "Beyond the Time Machine")

By the 40th century, most of the city was not visible above-ground, though there were large buildings underground and leisure buildings for children above. By and large, most of the surface was covered with parkland. Technology was extremely advanced. ("The Time Machine: A Sequel")

In Timeline B, Morlocks built secret bases under London shortly after the Time Traveler's relation of his story. After Edwin Hocker was showed the future, he and Tafe were able to stop the Morlock invasion before it happened, thus creating Timeline C. ("Morlock Night")

In Timeline D, a huge dome was built over London during an extended World War I to protect the city from bombings. The city was finally destroyed. ("The Time Ships")

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