The Moon, as seen above the Springtime Era terrain.

Luna, also known as simply The Moon, was Earth's moon, a natural satellite orbiting the planet.


In the 33rd Century, the moon was inhabited, covered with a series of domed cities. One such city was called Nowhere. Time Traveler Two visited there briefly, enjoying the low gravity. ("Beyond the Time Machine")

Close to the end of Earth's habitable period, the moon had been broken into a series of shards, still orbiting the Earth, which collectively resembled Weena's flower. ("The Time Machine: A Sequel")

2002 Film ContinuityEdit

Timemachine02 moonboom
Main Article: Great Lunar Cataclysm

In this continuity, humans had been mining heavily from the moon during the 21st Century, leading to a cataclysmic explosion which sent shards smashing to the Earth. This catastrophe lead humans to seek shelter underground, eventually causing the formation of the Eloi and the Morlocks. ("2002 Film")

Trapped in Time continuityEdit

The Moon

The moon is home to Chronos, a being or beings that guards time. Both George Einwin and Filby Young encountered Chronos after interacting with a series of statues on the moon's surface. ("The Time Machine: Trapped in Time")

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