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Separate Continuity!

This article or section covers a subject that is part of the 2002 Film Continuity and should not be considered part of the Novel Continuity or any other.


Mara is an Eloi girl, and the love interest of Alexander Hartdegen in the 2002 Time Machine film. Alone among the Eloi, she was able to speak English, which had been learned from studying ancient writings left behind by modern civilization.

When Alexander appeared, she was able to understand him and she served as a bridge to the gulf that was between Alexander and the rest of the Eloi community. ("2002 Film")


Mara proved a virtuous Eloi. She proved capable of such compassion, tending to Alexander when he was wounded and acting as his guide even though he was a stranger to her people; and also feeling sorry for his grief over Emma. She also proved capable of so much courage such as daring to assault a Morlock with a shovel to save Alexander even though it risked her getting slain.