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Morlock Night
Morlock Night

Morlocks appear in London, riding The Time Machine.

Full Title Morlock Night
Author K.W. Jeter
Time Traveler Edwin Hocker
Companion(s) Tafe
Morlock Night alternate
A modern cover.

Morlock Night is a sequel to The Time Machine by K.W. Jeter.


After The Time Traveler returns to the future world, the Morlocks kill him and take his Time Machine, returning with it to 1890s England. There, they hide in the sewers, plotting an invasion that will destroy Humanity as we know it!

One of The Time Traveler's friends, Edwin Hocker, is warned of this and shown a future where the Morlocks have conquered London. In order to prevent this, he and Tafe, a woman from that apocalyptic future, must seek out a reincarnated form of King Arthur to defeat the Morlocks.


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