Morlocks is a 2011 Syfy film, featuring the Morlocks. The film is a radical re-imagining of the story of The Time Machine: An Invention. Taking place in modern times, this story features a device that opens a portal into the future, where terrifying creatures known as the Morlocks reign over the Earth.


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From the website:

An experimental time machine opens a window into the future and mutated monsters (the Morlocks) use it to come back to the present and go on a murderous rampage. Stars David Hewlett (Stargate Atlantis).


Morlock elevator

Some of the cast, in Tempus Flats.

Dr. Radnor, a retired scientist and current science fiction writer, is called back to work at Tempus Flats when his Time Travel device, which he'd previously believed to be a failure, is stuck open and may soon doom the Earth.

Along with a team of marines, he must visit the future to retrieve the Latch, a device needed to close the time portal and save the Earth. But unfortunately, the future's infested with Morlocks and other deadly creatures, including Birds.

Colonel Wichita, meanwhile, wants to capture some Morlock DNA so that he can use it to save his son, who is dying of cancer.



James Radnor closeup
David Hewlett
as Dr. James Radnor
Christina Cole
as Angela
Wichita portrait
Robert Picardo
as Colonel Wichita
Vera Cortez 100px
Marem Hassler
as Vera Cortez
Perez 100px
Shelly Varod
as Private Perez
Danny wichitaw
Danny Wichita

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Differences from The Time MachineEdit

  • Rather than a traditional time machine, the film features a time portal, which uses a Latch to return home.
  • The inventor in this film is not working alone, but rather has created his time portal for Project ELOI, a military organization.
  • Morlocks, rather than appearing via natural evolution, are genetic hybrids created by science.
  • The future world visited is 2080, rather than the much more distant year 802,701 of the novel.
  • All of the characters present are unique to this film.
  • There are no Eloi present in the film, although their name does appear, in Project ELOI.


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