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Neanderthals, scientific name Homo Neanderthalensis, are a species of hominid that existed far before modern Humans. For unknown reasons, they were apparently wiped out, though there is some possibility that they actually interbred with modern humans, contributing some DNA to later generations.

However, due to genetic engineering, members of the species were re-created to live among human society alongside many other human-derivative species. As of 657,209 of Timeline C, they live in the inner layer of the Sphere surrounding the sun, constituting one of the many races that The Time Traveler dubbed "the new Eloi" upon his visit. ("The Time Ships")

Originally, the Neanderthals were considered to be a sub-species of humanity, with the scientific name Homo Sapiens Neandertalensis. However, recent scientific evidence suggests they may be a separate species.
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