Nebogipfel is a Morlock who is The Time Traveler's companion, during the events of The Time Ships. He was born on the Morlock Sphere surrounding the sun in Timeline C. Nebogipfel has become a Time Traveler, seeking the most advanced Human society he can find.

The name of the character was taken from H.G. Wells' earlier story The Chronic Argonauts.


Little is known about Nebogipfel's early life. He likely spent his childhood on Earth, which the Morlocks of the Sphere use as a nursery for Morlock children.

He spent much of his adult life living among the Morlocks on the Sphere, as most Morlocks do. When The Time Traveler arrived in Nebogipfel's era and was found on Earth attacking Morlock children, Nebogipfel was assigned to question him. It took a good amount of time for Nebogipfel to figure out which old language the Time Traveler spoke, but when he did he explained Morlock society and became the Time Traveler's guide to the Sphere.

The two traveled back to Earth together, where the Time Traveler attempted to escape the Morlocks' time period on The Time Machine, accidentally bringing Nebogipfel with him. The two traveled through a variety of eras, creating several alternate realities in the process.

Finally, as a result of the actions of the Time Traveler, Nebogipfel, and their companion Moses, a timeline was created with a group of humans deposited in the prehistoric era. Following this timeline back to 1892, they discovered that Humanity had advanced and subsequently been replaced by a technological race known as the Universal Constructors, who had a linked consciousness similar to an advanced Internet-like network. Nebogipfel, thrilled at finally encountering a civilization more advanced than his own, sacrificed one of his eyes to gain an interface with the Constructor's network.

When the Constructors started the Time Ships project, Nebogipfel and the Time Traveler were asked to participate. They joined the mission to the absolute beginning of time, sacrificing their physical bodies to become Constructors in the process. When they arrived, they witnessed the creation of an infinite timeline which would become entirely filled with godlike intelligence, which had been the constructors. After witnessing that perfect world of intelligence, they were both sent back to Timeline A, where they regained their Human forms. The Time Traveler used his Time Machine one last time to return to Mor and reunite with Weena, while Nebogipfel left to travel through time with the Watchers. He has not been heard from since. ("The Time Ships")

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