the Manse was an old farmhouse, located about a half-mile outside of Llyddwdd. It got its name from being the former home of a Methodist minister, but had become long-abandoned by the time Dr. Moses Nebogipfel moved in. At that site, he constructed and tested the Chronic Argo. However, Nebogipfel's presence was sufficient to scare the townsfolk of Llyddwdd, who marched on the location - only to find he had vanished into time, along with Reverend Elijah Ulysses Cook. ("The Chronic Argonauts")


The Manse was constructed in the latter part of the 18th Century, originally home to a Methodist minister, as mentioned above. It is from him the house gets its name. Since that time, it has gone through a number of owners.

Among them was Miss Carnot, "The Gallic Sappho", followed by a man named Williams. Williams' family was murdered there, giving the house a bad reputation and leading to its eventual abandonment.

The most recent tenant is Dr. Moses Nebogipfel. ("The Chronic Argonauts")

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