Time Traveler
The Rook
The Rook
Name Restin Dane
Species Human
Gender Male
Era of Origin 1970s
Time Machine Time Castle (Giant chess rook)
Appearances The Rook (Comic Book Series)

Restin Dane, also known as The Rook, is a scientist and time-traveler, and grandson of Adam Dane, the original Time Traveler. He gets his moniker from his time machine, which resembles a giant chess rook.

He appeared in 1970s issues of Warren Publishing's Eerie magazine and then in his own 1980s title, The Rook Magazine.  He was created by writer-artist Bill DuBay in Eerie #82 (cover-date March 1977). 


The Rook is scientist Restin Dane, who comes from a family of scientists whose members include The Time Traveler. He graduated from Oxford, having built the robot Manners. He invented a time machine based on his grandfather's journal on the principles of time travel. He called it the Time Castle, and it was shaped like a chess rook. (The Rook: "The Man Whom Time Forgot!")

Taking to wearing Western-style clothing and a gunbelt, he has his first time-travel adventure at the Alamo in order to save an ancestor. There he succeeds in rescuing his great-great-grandfather Bishop Dane, who accompanies him on many of his adventures, along with two robots Restin has built. In a later adventure, he meets the Time Traveler, who is revealed to be his grandfather Adam Dane, and helps him in a war between the Eloi and the Morlocks.

Restin initially appears to be romantically involved with January Boone, while Bishop Dane is involved with Katie McCall. Restin and Katie later have a relationship. (The Rook)

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Harris Comics would revamp the character in name only, first in the  miniseries Chains of Chaos, then in a short-lived series that ran five issues (#0-4) in 1995.

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