The Stone Language is an Eloi chant in the 2002 Film Timeline. Its lyrics are in the Eloi Language.


Em mar'jen'wel el tor'kan.
Tan dern'em tan'som tor'cal.
Em orn'bren fur tas'mor.
Mar nos den bren'tas col.
Em mar'jen'wel em'tas tan'col,
Tan dern'em tor'mar em quin'tan.
En orn'bren tan'el lon el,
Mar nos den nove'tan'quin.


I dream of days without an end
And long for sleep without the fear.
I hope to walk through the night
And know this will come true.
I dream of life lived long and full,
And long to see my children grow.
I hope for better days to come,
And know they will come soon.
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