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The Time Machine: A Sequel
Full Title The Time Machine: A Sequel
Author David Haden
Time Traveler The Time Traveler
Companion(s) Weena

The Time Machine: A Sequel is a 2010 sequel to The Time Machine by David Haden. It continues where the original story left off, telling of The Time Traveler's return some years after his departure.

The story also incorporates most of the full text of Wells' short story, The Grey Man, slightly altered to fit this story.


Warning: Spoilers follow.

Six years after the Time Traveler's disappearance, he returns to visit his friend, the writer, who by this time has published a novelized account of the Time Traveler's adventures. He begins to relate the account of his second journey into time.

The Time Traveler tells how he'd decided to return to the year 802,701 and attempt a rescue of Weena. On his way there, he made a stop in the year 4004 in order to procure supplies for his adventure. There, he sees an advanced and tranquil world that nonetheless shows signs of developing into the world of the Eloi and Morlocks.

After learning about some of the wonders of this world, as well as tales of other time travelers, he travels to the far future to find a sign left by another time traveler at the end of the Earth's habitable period. After this, he returns to the era of the Eloi and Morlocks.

There, he finds and reunites with Weena. After discovering a surviving sentient library system called Star in the Dusk, the two agree to have the system downloaded into Weena's mind.

Finally, the two return to the 41st Century, where Weena adapts well to her new environment. The people native to the 41st Century make inquiries to the Librarian for about an hour each day, while Weena herself also brings social change to the era that the Time Traveler expects may lead humanity in a new direction -- one of space exploration.

End of spoilers.