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The Time Machine
Timemachine 2

This cover shows floating clocks, evocative of a landscape of Eloi Domed Pavilions but also suggesting time travel.

Full Title The Time Machine: An Invention
Author H.G. Wells
Time Traveler The Time Traveler
Companion(s) Weena
Time machine cover
The cover of one edition of The Time Machine. It shows The Time Machine.

The Time Machine, also known as The Time Machine: An Invention, is the title of the novel by H.G. Wells, the second but most famous work based on his idea of a time machine, the first being The Chronic Argonauts.

The story features the character known only as The Time Traveler, shortly after having invented The Time Machine. He narrates to his friends the story of his first trip into the future, where he met two post-human races: the Eloi and the Morlocks.







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For a gallery of illustrations from various editions of the book, see The Time Machine - Illustration Gallery.

This section is a gallery of book covers of the many editions of The Time Machine.

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