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The Time Ships
The Time Ships

The cover depicts the Time Ships in Earth orbit.

Full Title The Time Ships
Author Stephen Baxter
Time Traveler The Time Traveler
Companion(s) Nebogipfel

The Time Ships is an authorized sequel to The Time Machine by Stephen Baxter.


The Time Traveler prepares to return to the future world of the year 802,701 AD. However, as he travels foward through time, he discovers that future history is not unfolding as he remembered it during his last trip.

He finds himself in an alternate future, in which humanity has genetically engineered itself into a Morlock race which lives in a metallic sphere built around the sun.

The Time Traveler makes a friend among the new Morlocks, named Nebogipfel, who quickly becomes his companion.

Along with Moses, another version of The Time Traveler himself from a different time, they explore various timelines, going back and forth through time on an odyssey across the very fabric of the universe!


Time ships french

French cover for the novel.




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