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The Wee Time Traveler
The wee time traveler
Full Title The Wee Time Traveler
Time Traveler Lara Myers
Companion(s) The Squirt

The Wee Time Traveler is a Scottish Time Machine novel. It follows the adventures of Lara Myers, who steals her friend's time machine and explores time.


Lara Myers is an adolescent girl who lives in a university community. Theree, her friend Andrew McDonald has invented a Time Machine based on the work of an inventor a century before. She steals the machine and uses it to visit her past, where she gets a stoway: her younger self.

She and her kid self journey to the far future of the Springtime Era, where they encounter the Eloi with a new Eloi Liberation Front, as well as the Morlocks and the original time traveler.









  • The novel places the Springtime Era that Lara visits as 20,000 years into her future. This is also established to be the same era as The Time Traveler's original visit to the future, as Weena is living there. This era was stated to be the year 802,701 in The Time Machine: An Invention. The reason for this discrepancy is not known.
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