Time kid

Time Kid is a 2002 Nickelodeon animated movie, loosely adapted from the story of H.G Wells' The Time Machine.


Time kid2

In 19th Century New Jersey, a young boy named Tom Spender discovers his missing father's Time Machine with a note in the seat, saying that the father was stuck in the future and unable to return home. Tom boards the machine and explores the future, first visiting the year 2002 where he meets one of his descendants, and later the year 11,902.

There, he meets a strange race of people- the Luman, who are a very simple, almost childlike folk who live in a domed community. They also have telekinetic powers. When Tom wonders where the food comes from, he discovers that it is provided by a second race, the Sub-Men. When the Luman come to get their food, the Sub-Men take a Luman in exchange.

It seems that the Sub-Men are using electrical energy from the Luman's telekinetic powers to run their machines. Tom soon befriends a Sub-Man, Zorog, and convinces him that there are better ways for the two races to exist. The two soon rescue Lira, who has been captured, as well as Spender's father, Henry Spender.

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