Time Ships

The Time Ships, from the cover of the novel of the same name.

This article is about the fleet of Time Ships. For the novel of the same name, see The Time Ships.

The Time Ships were a type of massive Time Machine built by the Universal Constructors in an alternate timeline. Like their predecessor, The Time Machine, the ships were capable of free travel through time in any direction. The ships appear to made solely from plattnerite itself. However, these Time Ships were far superior to earlier Time Machines, being capable of traveling further back in time than the beginning of the universe, and beyond that point they were able to perceive different timelines from the beginning. As such, the Time Ships were capable of traveling from timeline to timeline at will.

The Universal Constructors, along with The Time Traveler and Nebogipfel, were taken along for the fleet's maiden voyage, transformed into Constructors themselves. On that voyage, the Constructors were able to enter and create a new timeline which would become both infinite and entirely filled with sentience. (The Time Ships)

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