Timeline C is a timeline which is an offshoot of Timeline B. Its history is the same as Timeline A until The Time Traveler returns from the future in the 1890s and relates his story; it diverges from Timeline B shortly thereafter, when Edwin Hocker and Tafe return from the future of the 1900s, to prevent a Morlock invasion.

Detail[edit | edit source]

  • 1890s - Edwin Hocker and Tafe embark on a quest to find the ancient weapons they'll need to defeat the Morlocks. Their quest is ultimately successful, and they save Humanity as we know it. Hocker also destroys The Time Machine, believing it to be evil. The prevention of the Morlock Invasion is the cause of this timeline's divergence from Timeline B. ("Morlock Night")
  • 657,209 - The Time Traveler is shocked to discover that in this era, which is well before Mor forms in Timeline A, the sun has gone dark. The Morlocks of this time are incredibly advanced and intelligent Humans, who have built a dyson sphere around the sun. That Sphere is their primary habitation, and Earth is used mainly as a nursery for Morlock children. ("The Time Ships")

Inhabitants[edit | edit source]

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