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Timeslip Troopers
Timeslip Troopers
The english cover.
Full Title La Belle Valence (Beautiful Valencia)
Timeslip Troopers
Time Traveler Marcel Renaud
French cover.

Timeslip Troopers, originally known as La Belle Valence, was a French 1923 Time Machine novel by Théo Varlet and André Blandin.


A squadron of World War I soldiers discover The Time Machine and use it to visit 14th Century Valencia, Spain.


A group of French soldiers, having been using the household of a long-dead English engineer, who was killed in 1914 for having been suspected of being a spy, begin searching through the basement for useful supplies. Lieutenant Marcel Renard discovers a strange machine that looks like an automobile but with no wheels or engine in the traditional sense. He also discovers a notebook with notes on the machine's function.

The notes are difficult to read, as they are in English. Additionally, they're written in technical jargon. Renard quickly deduces, however, that the machine is The Time Machine, as described by H.G. Wells in his novel of the same name. Renard summons his friend, Sergeant Dupuy, who was a scientist, to help him assess the machine and determine if it was viable.

Dupuy shows that the machine is more advanced than the one described in Wells, capable of traveling in time as well as in space. Additionally, there are two more comfortable seats, as opposed to the bicycle seat of the original. They speculate that the machine may have been improved upon by The Time Traveler, or someone else might have separately invented the same device.



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