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League Tripod Walker

A tripod walker, as seen in League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. (Animation by ABVH, art by Kevin O'Neil)

Tripod Fighting-Machines were a class of war vehicle used by Martians during the 19th Century. They came in various sizes and were used in wars between Martian cities. They were also used to invade the Earth. They were vulnerable to attacks from attenuated vehicles, such as The Space Machine, which don't interact much with physical matter. As such, Edward Turnbull, Amelia Fitzgibbon, and H.G. Wells were able to use this against the machines to defend Earth. ("The Space Machine")

Chris foss the space machine

The smaller Tripods, engaged in battle with a larger model, on Mars.

Mr. Hyde would destroy one of these machines during their invasion of Earth. He saw a vision of this, before it happened, during his brief travels with The Time Traveler and the rest of the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen when they were pulled into a Chrono-Crystal Aleph. ("Allan and the Sundered Veil")

These are the iconic Martian craft from War of the Worlds, which have appeared in most incarnations of, and sequels to, that story. They've even made their way into other sci-fi, such as the PC Game Starcraft II, as the Protoss Colossus.
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