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Hi, thank you for welcoming me. I was wondering if you were going to create a page for the Doctor's TARDIS and the time car used in the Time ships novel?



Welcome! Glad to have you aboard! (that welcoming you received was an automated message, so I thought I should actually do it this time).

As for the TARDIS, well... I was iffy about it, since it was never really mentioned in a Time Machine story that I'm aware of. But then again, the Doctor Who story "Timelash" has Morlocks in it, as well as H.G. Wells, so it's debatable. Also, it appears right next to The Time Machine in the Star Trek novel, "Watching the Clock".

So if you want to create that article, I guess it could be justified as being a valid inclusion for the wiki. But if possible, try to avoid using info that comes from other Doctor Who sources besides that specific episode (and any others I'm not aware of that include The Time Machine somehow), and the Star Trek novel. Any other Time Machine/Dr. Who crossover is, of course, fine to use as info for the article.

And as for the time car from "The Time Ships", of course! I just need to go through that novel again to know what I'm talking about properly, I haven't read it since I was fifteen (11 years ago). But if you want to create the article, go ahead!

Again, welcome aboard! -Xaq

Thank you for getting back to me.

I know a fair amount about the TARDIS, but I might need to have a look at other sites for some data on this and that just to make sure I've got my knowledge right. Is that okay?


Thank you for getting back to me.

I know a fair amount about the TARDIS, but I might need to have a look at other sites for some data on this and that just to make sure I've got my knowledge right. Is that okay?


PS. Thanks for changing the Time machine page, I didn't know how to put hyperlinks in.


Yeah, thats fine -- but again, you should try to avoid writing anything that doesnt come from one of the crossovers with the Time Machine universe. For example, we know that there's a whole "Time Vortex" / "Heart of the Tardis" thing, from those episodes with Rose Tyler (especially the one where she tore the console off by tying it to a truck in order to gain access to it). But that information isn't really valid for this wiki, because we didn't find that out in the episode where the Doctor met the Morlox. So we wouldn't really include anything on the heart of the TARDIS, for example.

That said, some minimal general info is fine, like explaining that the TARDIS can travel through time and space, etc. And anything that would be assumed in the episode where he meets the Morlocks.

And np. BTW to make hyperlinks, you just put the words inside double brackets. [[like this]]. Xaqimorp 19:17, December 24, 2011 (UTC)

Thank you! I have never edited a Wikia page before so I'm a little new to this, but am trying to help where I can :) ForgottenFuturist (talk) 21:03, March 27, 2013 (UTC)Forgotten Futurist

Yes, that's me - your friendly Eloi language translator. :) Actually, I originally wrote to the screenwriter of the 2002 Time Machine to determine if the songs from the soundtrack are actual *words* from the movie, or just a chorus. That's how I was able to learn that there was some continuity between the movie and soundtrack. And that's also where the lyrics originally came from. :)

Hi Xaq!

Just a big fan of the movie, and languages in general. I don't really care about conlangs, but something about the Time Machine movie inspired me to want to learn more :)

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