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Vox shows The Time Traveler his entries for "The Time Machine".

Vox is a highly advanced third generation library computer system, existing in the near future of the year 2030. This holographic person, generated by a single or a series of glass panels, represents the computer's database and appears to be sentient, interacting with people as a real person, and claims to have access to all Human knowledge. Each Vox unit is given these qualities, gender, and personality. Time traveler Alexander Hartdegen speaks to New York Public Library Vox unit NY/ 114 shortly after arriving from 1899.

When Alexander asks about physics, Vox 114 smiles and happily accesses physics ( it appears his artificial personality makes him enjoy the sciences), but as Alexander mentions of the fundamentals of time travel, Vox rolls his eyes and accesses science fiction, ( it seems he has his own opinions on certain subjects ). Alexander explains he means practical application, but when Vox 114 explains that time travel is impossible, Alexander says that he'll try his luck of answering his question of why he can't change the past in the next hundred years, Vox 114 sarcastically does the Spock hand and says "live long and prosper", ( it seems he's also sarcastic ).

800,000 years later, one branch of Vox system has survived until the year 802,701 AD, at which point Humanity had diverged into two species: Eloi and Morlocks. This last survivor was coincidentally Vox unit NY/ 114, the exact same one Alexander Hartdegen spoke to in 2030, before The Great Lunar Cataclysm of 2037. For 800,000 years Vox 114 survived in the collapsed ruins of the New York Public Library, until millennia later an Eloi, that had escaped from a Morlock colony, stumbled across the ruins and found refuge. The Eloi told him the story of of everything he seen in the Morlock caves. The Eloi and Vox 114 became friends and spent years together just talking, until the Eloi died of old age. His bones lie in the ruins along side Vox 114's Photonic memory core. After many years Alexander Hartdegen arrived in 802,701 and found the ruins of the ancient library, Vox 114 told Alexander of Humanity's degeneration, and what he learned from his Eloi friend.

After the Morlocks where destroyed, one of Vox 114's holographic glass panels, ( which appear to have wireless conection ), was moved to the site of The Stone Language Tablets where he served as a teacher to Eloi children, reciting information books, from time to time, and teaching them the knowledge of the ancient past. ("The Time Machine")

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