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Vital Stats - List of Races
Alternate Names Unknown
Appearances The Time Ships
Home Era(s) Unknown, presumably the Future

The Watchers are a mysterious race of time-traveling creatures. Their exact nature is unknown, but they appear to be somehow of Human descent. They appear interested in watching Time Travelers as they travel through time, though the purpose for this is unknown.

The Time Traveler first discovered them during one of his trips forward through time. He noticed that a strange creature was hovering just outside his Time Machine, apparently unaffected by the rapid passage of time outside the Time Machine (IE, the creature was likely time-traveling alongside the machine at the same rate). The creature appeared to be watching him. As soon as he would stop the machine's travels through time, the Watcher would seem to vanish.

Nebogipfel ended up accompanying the creatures on further temporal adventures. What became of him is unknown. (The Time Ships)

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